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hypnu® helps experienced hypnotists grow their audience, position themselves as experts, win more clients, and generate passive income through streaming revenue.

Collaborating with hypnu® is easy: You can concentrate fully on your strengths and create excellent hypnosis. Hypnu® takes care of the rest: from app development, and audio optimization to publishing and marketing your masterpieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you expect from me?

In a nutshell: Write and record hypnosis sessions. You focus on what you do best and what you love to do. Depending on your motivation and technical skills, you can also record the hypnosis (but we can support you here too). We’ll take care of the rest!

What qualification do I need?

A pleasant voice, completed hypnosis training, experience and positive customer reviews. Talk to us and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.

Is there a fee to work with hypnu?

No, not at all. We publish your hypnosis and share the profit that comes out of it. There are no setup fees or any other costs for you. It works just like publishing on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

How much can I earn on hypnu?

That depends… We give you a share of the streaming proceeds and have a similar model to YouTube, Spotify, etc. But we can tell you one thing: it’s more lucrative with us on a per-stream basis.

Do I need a professional recording setup?

We can’t say that in general, but we can find out in a personal conversation 🙂 We have an excellent team for the post-processing of your voice recording and can train you to use simple tricks to improve your recording quality enormously, even without a professional microphone.

What about the rights to my hypnosis?

Again, it depends. But in principle, the rights remain with you. You are and will remain the creator of your works and we do not bind you to us.

I do not work with classic suggestive texts. Can we work together anyway?

Absolutely. Talk to us and we will explain to you in detail what we can do.

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