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Frequently asked questions

My app doesn't work. The hypnoses stop playing after 5-8 minutes. What can I do?

You describe an issue which very user have (unfortunately). The issue ist often related to their android settings. Please try this: 

Things to check in android settings:

  • Wifi/More/keep wifi on during sleep – set to always
  • Battery – Power saving modes off
  • Battery/App power saving/details – make sure Spotify is not listed. If it is, select and disable


If that doesn’t work, please reach out to us:

We’ll find a solution.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique to induce a so-called state of trance, which is the combination of body relaxation and mental focusing. Hypnotic trance is a completely natural state of consciousness. Everybody has experienced those “everyday trances” during long car rides at night or while watching a thrilling movie. But we also experience active trances like the Runner’s High after a nice run or daily in connection with dancing and music.

What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation?

Meditation is a mild form of hypnosis. Unlike actual hypnosis, it only scratches the surface of symptoms like stress or insomnia and does not penetrate the subconscious. Its results
usually last for a very short amount of time. Actual hypnosis can solve those problems in the long run. During hypnosis, doctrines and mental blockades are dissolved on a subconscious level.

Why does hypnosis via app work?

The most effective mean of hypnosis lies in the use of hypnotic speech patterns. It is therefore not necessary to meet the hypnotist in person. Furthermore, you do the main job during trance (e.g., when you imagine something).

Is the app available for Android and iPhone?

Hypnu-Stories is available for Android as well as iOS. Not for PC or MAC though.

Do I lose control during hypnosis?

No, not at all! You actually gain control, since trance enables you to access resources of your subconscious mind, which otherwise would remain locked.

Will I be unconscious during hypnosis?

No, you will, for sure, not lose your consciousness. The feeling of trance cannot be compared with that of unconsciousness. Depending on the intensity of the trance, it is possible – or for some hypnoses even desired – that you hear every word and feel 100% present.

Is it possible that I will not wake back up from the state of trance

No it is not possible. If the trance is not guided anymore, it will simply turn into sleep. You will wake up when you had enough rest.

How do I wake back up?

During the trance, you are guided to follow numerous suggestions. At the end of the hypnosis, one of those suggestions will guide you slowly and carefully out of the trance and, you will be fully awake afterwards.

What happens while I am in this trance state?

The hypnotist influences his client’s waking consciousness such that he can start a dialogue with the client’s subconscious mind. The client opens up from the inside out; he is now able to experience past or imagined experiences like they would be happening just at this moment. From a body perspective, trance reaches the maximum level of neuronal relaxation. It causes a salutary state for the organism as a whole. The amount of stress hormones within the body decreases, the immune system is stimulated, heart rate and blood pressure go down to the level at which they are usually at when our body is in a state of full relaxation.

Will I realize that I am in a state of trance?

While in a trance, the only things you actively perceive are those that are suggested (i.e. “you body feels very heavy”, you will actually feel it). The feeling itself is not as different as most people expect it to be. The state is per se completely neutral.

Can every human being be hypnotized?

Most human beings can be hypnotized. The difference lies in the deepness of the trance and the amount of time it takes to reach the trance. Somebody who is very suggestible can reach a deep state of trance within a few minutes, while less suggestible people might take multiple attempts. The induction of the hypnosis works increasingly better with every time a person is hypnotized.
With our course at the beginner level, we ensure that every single one of our Hypnu-Stories App user can reach the state of trance quickly.
People cannot or should not be hypnotized if e.g. they are old, they cannot concentrate anymore, they are mentally disabled or they have consumed any kind of drugs (even alcohol).
Being very suggestive (one who can be hypnotized easily) does not at all mean that this person suffers from a weak character or a weakness of will. It should rather be seen as a gift as it comes along with a lively imagination, intelligence, and power of concentration. Generally, you can say the suggestibility of a person depends on its natural ups and downs like daily moods.

How will I feel during trance and afterwards?

Amazing! You will be super relaxed and feel very comfortable and passive. When you wake up, you will feel deeply relaxed and rested.

How long will the results of the hypnosis last, and is it possible that old patterns return?

A posthypnotic suggestion can last for years without being renewed. Some new behavioural patterns are stabilized by listening to something repeatedly, other suggestions only need to be refreshed after a while. From experience, we can say that, in most cases, habits like smoking or eating large amounts of food can be removed quickly and forever.

Will I be able to remember everything after the hypnosis?

When you reach deep trance, you may suffer from amnesia i.e. you do not remember anything or only parts of what was said. This is not the case for most of the hypnosis form the Hypno-Stories app, though.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

For hypnosis to work, the client needs to trust the hypnotist. This relationship is called rapport. If this rapport was lost, e.g., if the client’s moral understanding does not support what the suggestion tells him, he should “wake up” right away. A suggestion as such would be impossible. Furthermore, it is of high importance that you only approach a hypnotist who is certified, competent, and experienced and who has a good reputation.
For this reason, all of our app’s hypnotists are chosen based on very high standards.